Take (Mino)

Take (Mino)

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Take (stylized in all caps) is the second full-length album by Mino. It will be released on October 30, 2020 with “Run Away” serving as the album’s title track.

The physical album comes in three versions: 1, 2 and limited kit.

Track list

  1. “Love And A Boy”
  2. “Run Away (도망가)”
  3. “OK Man” (feat. Bobby)
  4. “Wa (feat. Zion.T)”
  5. “I Want To (하고싶어) (feat. meenoi)”
  6. “Daylight”
  7. “Hop In (feat. DPR LIVE) (어부바)”
  8. “Pow! (펑!)”
  9. “Click / Han River View”
  10. “Bookstore (교보문고) (feat. BewhY)”
  11. “Sunrise”
  12. “Lost In A Crowd (이유 없는 상실감에 대하여)”

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